Authentic, professional, seriously fun.

Male or female, professional or stay-at-home, new or veteran clergy spouse, you will walk away with strategies that work for your unique circumstances. And don’t worry, you can safely express and solve common real-life clergy spouse issues without revealing specifics about your own situation.

Online programs are designed for 3-8 clergy spouses and in-person programs are designed for 10-24 clergy spouses. They include original small group activities to enhance discussion and shared learning, with an individual post-retreat coaching session.


Healthy Transitions for Clergy Spouses

Available as one hour online or in-person four hour workshop:

• Provides strategies and healthy habits for the pastoral transition ahead
• Builds a sense of solidarity among spouses of transitioning pastors



Celebrating Sabbath for Clergy Spouses

This one-day retreat:

• Explores how to claim and celebrate an elusive Sabbath
• Bridges isolation and builds informal networks of support


"As a new clergy spouse, because of Artos, I now have a realistic look at what scenarios I may face. This has been huge because I can think of how to handle them ahead of time. I’ve enjoyed my network of other clergy spouses and been grateful for those to look to for advice and those to walk with me through our journey."

Rachelle Impink Clergy spouse participant

"I was feeling somewhat cynical about coming, as I didn’t know if this would help or really apply to me. I’m so glad I did attend because I felt instantly blessed by the teachings of the program and supported by the people I’ve met."

Amanda Eden Clergy spouse participant

"We all wanted to express ourselves authentically and safely, with the intent to create connection. Thanks to the retreat’s design and leadership, we never stayed in a place of venting and lamenting. The Sabbath Game is an ingenuous tool to draw forth balanced, useful discussion. I was surprised!"

Bernie Jacabella Clergy spouse participant